The Multicultural Catalan

Born and bred in Barcelona city, I graduated with a degree in tourism and I've lived in Holland and England. I only started to work as a tour guide last August but after two months I decided this was to become my main job. I am also studying to be a yoga teacher one day.

I lived abroad for many years and I am always up to immerse myself with many cultures and here back home I am usually the weird local surrounded by international people.

My hobbies? sports, yoga, music, and art.
My favorite food? Paella and Ice-cream :D
What I am good at? I leave that for you to discover :)!

My passions:

  1. I love hiking since it is the way to keep yourself healthy, mind both mind and body. I enjoy outdoors and I am an adventure girl by nature, I love experiences.

  2. Whenever I can, I try to go on a weekend getaway and visit a European city, or during the summer season, I go once on a weekend festival trip.

  3. I often practice yoga to make a space for myself in the business of daily life, to calm my mind, to cultivate awareness, to listen to my inner voice and to reflect on my day. Currently studying a yoga teaching course to become a yoga teacher as a job on the side :)

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Elvira was wonderful! Very informative and fun! She introduced us to the local delicacies of octopus with smoked paprika (delicious!) and leche de la pantera. We returned for both items later in our trip because they were amazing! Her tips and conversation were all very fun and helpful. She even provided us with suggestions for the rest of our trip. Wonderful experience! Definitely worth doing! Highly recommend.