Virtual Tour: Basque Country Highlights

NEW VIRTUAL TOURS open during the Covid-19 period! Travel online with a local.

Take a customized virtual tour around Basque Country. Each tour is one hour long.

Choose your option or destinations and you could travel from home with a local.

Interact with a local on a live virtual tour, learning about the Basque Country and Rioja wine region.

Some featured options and destinations:

Pick your favourite before the tour starts;

-San Sebastian tour & "Pintxos" tradition
-Biarritz, San Juan de Luz & Hondarribia, coastal tour.
-Bilbao & Guggenheim museum
-Rioja Wine region, private wine tasting tours
-Pamplona & "running with the bulls"
-Bilbao and San Sebastian in 1 tour

Tours completely adapted to your preferences, please do not hesitate to ask.

It covers all attendees at your home. You'll be able to ask as many questions as you'd like.

How to join: Zoom
About the host: I am a local, licensed and professional Basque guide in San Sebastian. I was born in San Sebastian, Basque Country. I'm a person who loves traveling and sharing my experiences with people. I have visited over 50 countries and led tours for travelers, friends and family for long time. After traveling around the world during my last big trip, of 14 months, I'm even more prepared to guide you around Basque Country and its surrounding areas. Would you like to listen to some of the stories I have to share, while I show you the beautiful country where I live? I have a long experience guiding people around Basque Country, specially around San Sebastian, Bilbao, Pamplona, Vitoria as well as the French-Basque Country and the famous Rioja wine region. I love to work showing my city and surroundings, guiding people to the best places, not only to the touristic ones, but to the off-the-track ones too. Always adding some of my little stories and anecdotes of each place making the journey more enjoyable and unique. Living in a place with a food-culture like us, it adds an extra value to my tours, being a member of a Gastronomy Club in San Sebastian as I am. This is only one of some of the tips I would offer you, considering that the only way to visit and access to them is being invited by a member! Great experience not to be missed!! Come and feel the experience of the Basque Country with a real local guide! Ongi etorri! ("Welcome" in Basque).
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Times & dates available: Every day during the year. Click "Book now" and provide me with your requested date(s) and time(s).
Duration (hours): 1.0