maica chacopino

Hi! My mane is Maica and I am very proud of being from Barcelona. I lived 7 years in Scotland where I used to teach Spanish and back home I kept on teaching but applying my own methodology: using the street as a classroom. It was by doing so that that I realize my passion to show my city and I became a tour guide. I love it. It keeps me always busy exploring, learning and meeting new people. When I am not working, I stroll through the streets looking for something new, some detail I had never seen before which I love to share with passion.
Life in Barcelona and in Catalunya fascinates me and I love to share my views with visitors and learn about your opinions.

"Walking" along with me is fun and deep. I will try my best to give you an unforgettable experience. I leave you with the description of Barcelona written by the Spanish greatest writer Miguel de Cervantes, 500 years ago!!

"Barcelona, receptacle of politeness, welcoming place for foreigners, hospital for the poor, nation of the brave, place of revenge for the offended, place where strong bonds of friendship occur, and a site where its beauty is unique. "

Let's meet in Barcelona! Hasta pronto!!

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