Customized & Exclusive Private Tours in & from San Sebastian

We offer unique day tours around Basque Country.

Some featured options and destinations:
-San Sebastian tour & "pintxos" tapas experience
-Biarritz, San Juan de Luz & Hondarribia, coastal tour
-Bilbao & Guggenheim Museum
-Rioja wine region, private wine tasting tours
-Pamplona & "running with the bulls"
-Lourdes Sanctuary
-Caves & Nature, St James Way pilgrimage
-Exclusive gastronomic food & wine tours
-Cellars, cider-houses, cheese & jam makers, markets
-Off-the-beaten-track villages, discover the real Basque area.
-Bilbao and San Sebastian in 1 day.

Other tours & destinations around Basque Country can be arranged.

Our tours' flexibility and personalization make our tours unique. We take pride in customizing our tours to your individual priorities, enabling you to discover both the world-class attractions and hidden corners of the Basque Country.

Extraordinary places which will bear remarkable memories. Discover the Basque Country & Rioja wine region like a local. Personalized tours adapted to your interests and needs, guided by an expert local tour guide. Our tours include gourmet food and wine, culture, adventure, and nature, making you feel like a Basque citizen.

Our customized tours allow you to get the most out of your limited time, which gives you the chance to experience the extraordinary. We really know how to explore the country and we'll do it according to your pace and priorities. Ask for any idea and I will make your dream trip become true. Welcome to the Basque Country and Rioja!

Price is per day per tour/group.

Tu anfitrión: Iker Bardaji, Born in San Sebastian, Basque Country, I’m an enthusiastic person who loves traveling and sharing my experiences with people. I have visited over 45 countries and guided travelers for over 8 years. After traveling around the world in my last big trip, during 14 months, I decided to set up this business to offer the travelers a unique view of the Basque Country & Rioja and surroundings like a local. I have a long experience guiding people along the Basque Country, specially around San Sebastian, Bilbao, Pamplona, Vitoria as well as the French-Basque Country and the famous Rioja Wine region. I travel abroad often, I love to work showing my city and surroundings, guiding people to the best places, not only to the touristic ones, but to the off-the-beaten-track ones too. Always adding some of my little stories and anecdotes of each place making the journey more enjoyable and unique. Living in a place with a food-culture like ours, it adds an extra value to my tours, being a member of a Gastronomy Club as I am (famous «sociedad gastronómica») in San Sebastian . This is only one of some of the tips I would offer you, considering that the only way to visit and access to them is being invited by a member! Great experience not to be missed!! Would you like to listen to some of the stories I have to share, while I show you the beautiful country where I live in is? Come and feel the experience of the Basque Country with a real local guide! Ongi etorri! («Welcome» in Basque).
Tipo de experiencia: Privado (Para ti + tus amigos/familia)
Chino (Cantonés)
Chino (Mandarín)
Disponibilidad: From Monday to Sunday
Duración (¿Cuantas horas?): 8.0
Tamaño del grupo máximo: 8
Evaluaciones: "Iker was our guide for several days in and around Donostia-San Sebastian. He proved to be very affable and quite knowledgeable about the history of the area. We made a number of last minute requests and changes before and during the trip and he helped us get everything sorted out each time; from transport to sights to see at each town we visited. We also had the opportunity to visit a local cooking club in San Sebastian that Iker is a member of, which was a real treat for the foodies in our group. I also found some unexpected shared ground musically during some of our longer transits to local towns and got some good recommendations for new bands. A pleasant little surprise to top the day off. Overall I was very impressed with his professionalism and his good humor dealing with us. I would unhesitatingly recommend him if you are interested in touring the Basque country!"
Destacados: Highlights of the Basque Country. Make your choice.
Qué incluye: Private transportation. All Fees and Taxes Private licensed tour guide service. Air-conditioned vehicle. Private group! Just & only for your group, I do not join people from other tours.
Por favor traiga: Passports if you choose the French Basque side tours