Learn to Make Portuguese "Queijinho do Céu" - Online Workshop

Join us from your own kitchen to learn how to cook the Queijinho do céu, the Portuguese famous cheese from heaven. If you can't come to us, we will come to you!

We will be cooking together simultaneous in our own kitchens, me in Lisbon, and you? It's simple, fun, and tasty. You just need a computer or a mobile phone and internet.
In each of the kitchens, participants prepare the recipe step by step following our example and directions. The workshop ends when all the kitchens have finished preparing the recipe when all the cakes are out of the oven.

The Class takes 1.5-2 hours, it depends on the rhythm of the kitchens! During this time you will learn to cook the Queijinho do Céu recipe from scratch, cream, and dough, and also the History behind the pastry. You know, that this recipe has the name of cheese! But it´s a sweet cheese, made of almond, and filled with a heavenly egg cream (cheese=queijo).

Upon booking, you will receive all information about ingredients, utensils, recipes, procedures, rules, and zoom invite link, so at the time you will be ready!

The workshop is taught for up to 5 kitchens simultaneously. We do not impose a limit on the number of participants per kitchen. The price is per kitchen, so you can invite family and friends to your kitchen!

The transmission of the workshop is done via Zoom (a video conference app-free), and for that purpose, all participants have to download the application to a computer or mobile phone.

"Ingredients" for the class:
- computer or mobile phone positioned;
- zoom app active (free);
- mise en place prepared - and of course will and joy!

Are you ready? Let's go!

Cómo participar: A link will be sent to you after your booking is confirmed.
Tu anfitrión: I am a co-founder of the Casa dos Ovos Moles, a pastry shop that specializes in the century-old Portuguese Pastry popularly known as "Ovos Moles" and is famous for its recipes: pastel de nata, ovos moles de aveiro, travesseiro de sintra, Queijinho do Céu, dozens of divine recipes. We launched the Pastry Workshop in 2018 furthering our goal to spread Portuguese Culture. I believe Portuguese food is a secret worth spreading, we want to put the best of Portuguese pastries in the mouth of the world!
Chino (Cantonés)
Chino (Mandarín)
Disponibilidad: Wednesday at 3pm or 5.30pm (WET) and Thursday at 10:30pm (WET)
Duración (¿Cuantas horas?): 2.0