St.James Way, the Famous «Camino de Santiago» Along the Coast

Hike this easy and famous pilgrimage trail, enjoying the amazing Basque Coast, stopping at the end of the walk, in the charming fishermen village of Pasajes San Juan, where we will finish our tour with an amazing lunch in a local restaurant with a view of the sea.

Stroll the picturesque fishing village of Pasajes San Juan, where Victor Hugo the famous French writer lived and got inspired for his writings, Taste some local delicious Basque courses at the end of the walk before we head back to San Sebastian by bus.

Scenic and picturesque trail not to be missed! Moderate level walk.

Walking time: Around 2.5 hours, stopping along the way for pictures, rest, snacks… Total tour length around 5 hours.

About the host: Born in San Sebastian, Basque Country, I’m an enthusiastic person who loves travelling and sharing my experiences with people. I have visited over 45 countries and guided travellers for over 8 years. After travelling around the world in my last big trip, during 14 months, I decided to set up this bussiness to offer the travellers an unique view of the Basque Country & Rioja and surroundings like a local. I have a long experience guiding people along the Basque Country, specially around San Sebastian, Bilbao, Pamplona, Vitoria as well as the French-Basque Country and the famous Rioja Wine region. As well as I travel abroad often, I love to work showing my city and surroundings, guiding people to the best places, not only to the touristic ones, but to the off-the-track ones too. Always adding some of my little stories and anecdotes of each place making the journey more enjoyable and unique. Living in a place with a food-culture like us, it adds an extra value to my tours, being a member of a Gastronomy Club as I am (famous «sociedad gastronónica») in San Sebastian . This is only one of some of the tips I would offer you, considering that the only way to visit and access to them is being invited by a member! Great experience not to be missed!! Would you like to listen to some of the stories I have to share, while I show you the beautiful country where I live in is? Come and feel the experience of the Basque Country with a real local guide! Ongi etorri! («Welcome» in Basque).
Experience/Tour Type: Group (meet other travelers)
Chinese (Cantonese)
Chinese (Mandarin)
Times & dates available: Every day during the year
Duration (hours): 5.0
Maximum number of people: 8
Testimonials: "Our guide, Iker Bardaji, was amazing! His knowledge of the country, language and culture and his professionalism was beyond what we had hoped for. He tailored our tours to what he thought we’d be most interested to see. He did not disappoint. We will definitely return with our family and ask for Iker to guide us."
Highlights: Enjoy the nature and culture with a native, local and experienced guide. Discover the beauty of the coast where the mountains clash and taste some local delicacies at the end of the walk.
Included in experience: Private local guide service. Private group Private driver to take you back to your hotel. Private air conditoned transport, all transport costs as tolls,fuel,parking fees… Boat ticket to get to Pasajes San Juan Taxes What’s Extra: Extra food and drinks
Please bring: Bottle of water, comfortable shoes or sport shoes, no flip flops or hill shoes.