Live Virtual Tour to Picasso Museum

Let me surprise you with this Museum Picasso live virtual tour that I will deliver by using live video conferencing software!

Pablo Picasso is a world-renowned artist whose work is reflected in the entire history of 20th-century art. He moved to Barcelona when he was 13 and stayed until moving to Paris when he was 19. For that sharp 13-year-old boy who came from deep-oldfashioned-traditional Spain, modern BCN represented an open window to a sophisticated world. In the Museum you will discover this Picasso, the one before becoming Picasso.

Picasso Museum was opened during his lifetime in 1963, under his expressed wish, and was named Sabarter's Collection. It was only after Franco's death in 1975 that it could be called Picasso Museum. Find out why and be amazed!

  • First, we will check and make sure that we can hear and see each other.
  • Then we will deliver the virtual presentation for about 45 mins. Time will be flexible, depending on how you are experiencing it.
  • At the end, we will allow some minutes to wrap up.

You will be able to interrupt me at any time for questions or comments, which I will very much appreciate, and after the tour, I will send you a digital pack with further information or a summary of what we covered during the tour. We will negotiate its contents when we see each other.

In order to fully enjoy the virtual tour, a good internet connection will be needed!

How to join: I will send you a videoconference link after you have booked the tour.
About the host: Hi! My name is Maica and I am very proud of being from Barcelona. I lived 7 years in Scotland where I used to teach Spanish and back home I kept on teaching but apply my own methodology: using the street as a classroom. It was by doing so that I realized my passion for showing my city and I became a tour guide. I love it. It keeps me always busy exploring, learning and meeting new people. When I am not working, I stroll through the streets looking for something new, some detail I have never seen before which I love to share with passion. Life in Barcelon and in Catalunya fascinates me and I love to share my views with visitors and learn about your opinions. "Walking" along with me is fun and deep. I will try my best to give you an unforgettable experience.Hasta pronto!
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Times & dates available: Everyday at 8h p.m
Duration (hours): 1.0